Sunday, February 6, 2011

Were you Offended by the Pepsi Max Super Bowl Ad Featuring the “Angry Black Woman?” Dr. Boyce’s Facebook page speaks up

Boyce Watkins

OK, was I the only person who noticed that Pepsi Max commercial with the black woman who beats the hell out of her husband the whole time and then hits the white woman in the head with a can of pepsi? The commercial ends with the black couple running away after knocking the white woman unconscious. Interesting.....

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    • Georgette D Brown no, hot mess! they trying to say we ride or die for each other? hmmm still a hot mess

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    • Veda S Stanley Her weave was horrible. The creaming of twg not a good look, running off even worse

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    • Patrice Johnson Dad I swear me and my mom were just talking about

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    • Peter J. Furbert I was waiting. Don't you need to put this under Nikki Manaj! lol Could you give us a running commentary on all of the commercials? lol

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    • William Atkinson perpetuating the "angry black woman" syndrome...

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    • Georgette D Brown The weave was a DISASTER!!!! They tried to cut cost on the commercial as a whole. It shouldn't have cut it on her hair.

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    • Peter J. Furbert True to one of the comments. lol

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    • James Milton Is good that you are noticing this Boyce, I have not turned to the game yet. I am recording it, so I can watch it later.

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    • Martin Gardner Wow! I was thinking the exact same thing.

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    • Tracy Jones Billups Pepsi products not good for us more of my money going to them

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    • Peter J. Furbert Something like that happened to me at an O'Charley's resturant. lol

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    • Peter J. Furbert What about this Doritos one with the brotha?

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    • Craig Varnado Yep..there they go again.....A.B.W. syndrome a repeat from last year!!!!

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    • Gretta Michelle' WHAT was wrong with the Doritos commercial? Personally I thought it was funny!

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    • Boyce Watkins The Doritos ad was hilarious, but we should take some kind of note when an ad overuses stereotypes. This Pepsi ad was also funny, but whoa!

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    • Tracy Jones Billups That Doritos commercial was freakin disgusting. But it captured attention and marketing is not about being right it's about capturing people's attention.

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    • Gretta Michelle' Disgusting? Well, I guess everyone has their own views on things. But I am totally with Boyce, it made me crack up, yes, hilarious!

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    • Erika Blackwell-Wilson No, Boyce. You were not the only one who noticed that...

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    • Peter J. Furbert Telefora i think it is hmmmm. I just sent flowers on thurs. I did not say that. I said "Sweetheart Get some rest and Relax" anonomous. But she still knew it was me. I'm sticking with Proflowers!!

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    • Tracy Jones Billups yes. disgusting. If my coworker sucked on my finger I would be completely horrified. that is NASTY. and on top of that he sucked his finger for a very long time just freakin nasty.

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    • Peter J. Furbert I must say the running commentaries on facebook is better than the commercials. I should be in my bed because of injury but I don't want to miss the critiques all ova facebook. !! :) Wow!!

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    • Shaketa Brown See you were just supposed to be grateful they used some black folk in the commercial and then ran right out and bought some soda. Stay focused on the small picture if ya know what I mean...

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    • Vera Richardson I hated that commerical for all the things recaped by you Dr Watkins. In fact the first few commericals were too violent for me.

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