Monday, January 3, 2011

Was This Black Couple Cheated Out of $800,000 with the Right Answer?


by Dr. Boyce Watkins, Syracuse University 

Gabe Okoye and his girlfriend, Brittany Mayti were set up for the opportunity of a lifetime. Appearing on the television show, "Million Dollar Money Drop," they had a chance to walk home with several hundred thousand dollars by correctly answering a few questions.
The airwaves were buzzing after the couple was allegedly cheated out of the right answer on the Fox Show. The question was "Which of these was sold in stores first: the Macintosh Computer, the Sony Walkman or Post-it Notes?" The couple argued for quite a while over which answer was correct. Brittany wanted to put her money on the Walkman, but Gabe was adamant that the Post-it note was the correct answer. So, out of the $880,000 the couple had left, $800,000 was put on the Post-It, while the remaining $80,000 was put on the Walkman. In other words, they were saying that they believed the Post-It Note came out first.


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