Friday, January 14, 2011

90 Girls Pregnant at the Same High School – 11% of the Female Population

90 Girls Pregnant at Memphis Middle/High School

from AOL Black Voices

What in the world is going on at Frayser Middle/High School in Memphis, Tenn.? More girls are carrying babies than backpacks!
There are a reported 90 teen girls who are pregnant now or who have had a baby this school year. Eleven percent of the school's female population is already in the throes of parenthood.
Now an all-out campaign is being launched to deter teen pregnancy at the school.

Teen pregnancy is a big problem in Memphis and Shelby County, where the population is predominantly black and poor.
Sixteen-year-old Terrika Sutton (pictured above) is one of the Frayser students who became pregnant. Sutton, who has a 2-month old daughter, says she was in her fifth month when she found out she was expecting a child. The teen Mom surprised her parents and classmates alike when she broke the news to them about her situation:

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