Friday, January 14, 2011

Governor of Maine Tells NAACP to “Kiss His Butt”

Gov. Paul LePage of Maine is no stranger to controversy. The latest finds him sparring with the NAACP over him rejecting numerous invitations from the organization and telling them to kiss him where the sun don't shine.
Maine Gov. Paul LePage has constantly ruffled the feathers of the NAACP as he has declined invites from the organization. The most recent that has drawn the ire of the organization is his denial to attend the ceremonies honoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. He shunned both an invite to an NAACP dinner in Portlandon Sunday and a breakfast in Orono on Monday due to "personal committments."
As the NAACP and others see it, this is an ongoing pattern with the Republican governor spurning events that are African-American related. But LePage wants to hear no parts of that ongoing dialog and responded to the allegations when speaking with WCSH6.


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